Monday, April 19, 2010

More updates

Saddle without the shim.....wants to slightly drop down and push into the shoulder in front...

I know, I look all wrong here..but I am trying to see how the saddle feels with the shim...trying to stick my hand under the front of the saddle and feel the shoulder area..I think I was also trying to move the sheepskin under the pommel some (it was a BIG piece that needs trimming and I was tucking it away to take better pics).

Ok, the blog has not been very exciting lately, but I have just been too busy to do much riding and it often rained when I wasn't (I know, I suck as a "real" endurance rider...I should be out conditioning Storm in rain/showers and whatnot...but I can't bring myself to do that. So it will just take longer to get him in shape I guess! :) ). I did take him to a local horsemanship clinic A week or so ago, just to get him out and "mingling" with other horses, since it is now spring and I wanted to make sure he wasn't going to have a hormone overload at the next endurance ride (esp since he was all hot and bothered by Ari when we took them to the vets together). Turns out I think he really DOES know when he is "working" and when not...he acted like his normal ol self most the time, and only 'looked' at some of the attending girls when he got bored (arena work is not our thing...we both were bored pretty fast and he expressed his displeasure at having to do the same exercises over and over again, LOL), but was easy to refocus back on me. He did really well though (it was a windy day and some of the other horses were all riled up) and got many comments about what a quiet boy he was and how handsome. We had a whole mix of horses from a Gypsy cob looking thing, a blind Haflinger, and a Welsh Cob, to two mules (one gaited) and you usual stock horses and a TB... It was fun in its own way (though not really my thing) and we got done what I had intended. I have also been looking for saddles for him, while waiting to get his custom saddle made. I found a used one (amazingly! You rarely find them!) of the brand I am looking at (Advantage Saddles... they are AWESOME!) and I just got it in the mail...I took it on one ride and it looks to be SLIGHTLY too wide...tried a sheepskin shim under the front in the roundpen yesterday, and I think that might just fix the problem...I sure hope so! It would be awesome to have something that works on him well (currently I am riding in a Wintec dressage, which is "ok" for him, but not quite right I increase the distance I ride him, I will need something a little better). Anyway, we are leaving for Lost Padres and Mt. Carmel on Thurs, then I should have lots of fun pictures and updates while we are on our 3 week adventure :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Updates...and pretty pics :)

Well, due to both lots of rain, and an increasing ride schedule (not with Storm yet though), I haven't had a ton of time to ride him. When I have, I just went on quick training rides up into Arcata Park, which is a great place. You can go on a one or so hour ride and get a GOOD hill work session in. So for less amount of time, you get good quality work. I haven't taken the camera much either, so don't have anything interesting from those rides. But two updates:
Firestorm is OFFICIALLY now ours (me, my friend Terri, and Barb Paynton his original breeder up in Canda...for those that missed it, we three went in on him together so we could afford to buy him :) ). Last payment on him was made in March and he is paid off and his paperwork arrived in my hands on Thurs when I got home from the last ride... We'll be sending off the change of ownership papers next week to KMSH... WHOO HOO! :)
Other update: I also had another package waiting for me when I got back..his pics from the Death Valley ride over New Year's. They came out AWESOME! I had my two favorites blown up to 8X12 and printed on this neat METALLIC paper. It is the coolest really makes colors pop out and shimmer and gives the pic an almost 3-D life-like look. The copper of his coat and silver of his mane just SHINE. I wish I could show that effect online. Oh well. Here are the two I picked for that paper.... His "after the race" head shot, taken at the finish line of his FIRST ride ever. He has that typical "Storm look" that he does, with that goofy, impish twinkle in his eye. I LOVE it :) The second pic is the next day, I was trying to get him to gait well in hand for a pic (he still likes to pace or step-pace in hand). Lynne caught up doing a nice gait in one of them. Ignore my goofy look (ear muffs, sunglasses, and sweats....oh so classy! :P). The "white" on his legs is dried clay from poulticing his legs (I love to spoil my ponies) the night before.... I have a few others I got in smaller format, but have to still scan them. Will post those asap as well. All pics are by Lynne Glazer (, an exceptional equine photographer! I am trying to get her up here to do a "real" (not at an e-ride, so that we can control place and light a tad better...not that she doesn't still somehow manage to get awesome pics in such uncontrolled places as e-rides, LOL) photoshoot. If you live in the are (Eureka area) and are interested, let me know...we need a minimum of 8ppl to sign up for her to make the trip up here from'll never regret it!
Last update: we are going on another series of rides at the end of this month. First, a two-day in So-Cal and then a 5-day in Utah. I will be bringing Storm to both. Both only offer 50's, which he is not ready for yet, but he'll do lots of trail marking (we are helping take down the ribbons for the first ride, then driving straight to Utah and spending the week prior to the second ride, helping put up ribbons for it...) and maybe some "Duck Miles" (both rides are run by the XP group and though they do not offer LDs, you can ride your horse "unsanctioned"...meaning you get no points for an LD... any distance you want and just go do shorter loops, or to the vet check and get hauled back, or whatever... great for starting young or unconditioned horses in the ride atmosphere) at both rides as well. This way he'll continue to get ride atmosphere exposure and get RIDDEN (since the weather is not cooperating here is raining...and SNOWING! At the COAST! ...sighhh)