Saturday, January 22, 2011

Year in Review

Well, now that Storm has finished his first season of endurance riding, I figure I should write up a little review. He's come a long way from when I got him 18mos or so ago, as a supposed 'bucking, rank, untrainable stallion'...rrriigghhttt.. Never did see that horse, and doubt I ever will :) We went from an out of shape, and mostly pacing horse, to a fit and decently gaiting horse that is a blast to ride.
Here are our stats for the 2010 year, Starting with Death Valley, and ending with Desert Gold:
Rides attempted: 11
Rides completed: 10
Pulls: 1 (RO-L)...I pulled him at Desert Gold when he came up lame, with a muscle cramp on the
trail. Vet didn't see it by the time we got to the check, but I figured better safe than sorry...
50's: 1
LDs: 9
Multi-Days: 3
Total miles: 300 (250 LD)

Things that changed:
-HR at rides went down both at check in (form the mid 50's to often in the mid 40's, sometimes
all the way down to high 30's)
-HR at vet checks improved (from high 50's to usually a 48 now)
-he got hotter as he got fitter (we need to work on other horses passing and leaving him..he
wants to catch them all now! LOL)
-his gaits significantly improved as he got fitter, as did the length of time he could stay in them

Things I learned:
-saddle type is important to fit for him. He tends to do better in a saddle that works with how his
back changes in varying gaits. We tried a good number of saddles, and the Wintec dressage
(500) seems to be working the best.
-he does not need a lot of electrolytes, but he DOES need them, particularly on warmer rides.
-he takes GREAT care of himself...drinks at every (even early) water and eats like a pig.
-a bored horse is a spooky horse
-Storm is GREAT at fooling me into thinking he has less gas in the tank than he does. He is in
way better shape than I give him credit for...he likes it that way, as he can do easy and LD rides,
instead of harder rides and moving up to 50's. I have his number now though and that's over
with! LOL :)
-I need to be more careful in cold/wet weather with him...get a bigger rump rug!
-Easyboot Gloves work like a charm on him and he has awesome bare feet! Best of our herd.

Here is a video I made for Storm. I have horrid editing skills (only my second video), but it was fun to make anyway :) Enjoy! He sure IS my "loving one man show".....
Edit: well shit! Stupid You-tube took out my audio..I even PAID for the damned audio track! I have to figure out how else to upload the video...and it is a huge file (took 2hrs to put it on youtube...) suggestions??
Edit 2: Well, youtube can stick it...Vimeo rules! :)

Strom 2009/2010 from Natalie Herman on Vimeo.


  1. Loved the video. He's a handsome boy!

  2. Super job with Storm all year long, Nat! He is progressing beautifully. I love the gaiting from the saddle shot at DVE - there is absolutely no movement with the camera. Lookin' Good!! Best wishes for the new ride season.

  3. thanks both of you :) He makes it so easy! I can't wait to see what this season brings!